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12/7/06- The Arrows long lost 70s video of "I love rock n roll" is up on youtube, featuring Alan on lead vocals. Read Alan Merrill's enlightening article on Bill Harry's Rock and Pop Shop. Last but not least, Alan's Christmas album "A Merrilly Christmas" is reissued and on sale now. Some local New York City shows round off this month.

11/6/06 - This month Alan is back in the studio finishing his now nearly mythical 5 song solo EP with Kirk Yano engineering at Planet Recording in New York, and also doing a cameo vocal on CJ jr's new project, "Parias." Alan Merrill's song "I Love Rock 'N Roll" appears in two current feature films, "Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny" and "The Covenant." - Some local New York live dates round out this month's activity.

10/7/06 - The release of the Ron Wood tribute recorded a year ago has been delayed until December '06. There's information here about the project and producer (Curt Scheidegger), the owner of Kurious Records. It's titled "We've Got Our Own Best Of To Do," featuring three lead vocals by Alan Merrill, and many guest artists. Also out in December on Kurious Records will be a 3 song Nikki Sudden EP single, "Don't Get Jazzy With Me," with Alan Merrill on bass guitar, and Darrel Bath on guitar.

9/2/06 - Alan's new solo album "At The Candy Shop" is released tuesday the 12th of September 2006. For more information click this link - "At The Candy Shop".

8/7/06 - New solo album set for release in early september '06.

7/14/06 - Mastering a new solo album in New York City, and doing some local live shows.

6/5/06 - Alan's early career solo album "Merrill 1" is reissued monday the 26th of June 2006. For more information click this link -" Merrill 1" Stay updated in detail ! Read "Alan's Journal" in the forum section of this website.

5/20/06 - Recording a new solo album in New York City, and some local live shows in Manhattan.

4/25/06 - Alan is back from a trip to the UK, France, and Switzerland. The mastering of the Ron Wood tribute has begun. Estimated release for June 2006.

3/25/06 - Alan Merrill performs with Nikki Sudden at the Knitting Factory in New York City. Sadly, it was Nikki's last show. He passed away only a few hours after the set. RIP Nikki Sudden.

3/16/06 - Remastering the 1970 album "Merrill 1" for re-issue, with 3 previously unavailable bonus tracks.

2/19/06 - Recording a 5 song EP in New York City, and doing some live dates locally.

1/09/06 - Alan's in the mixing phase, two recording projects, the Ron Wood tribute album and also his new solo EP at Planet Sound in NYC.

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