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12/8/07 - The year winds up with some band backed shows in the New York City area this month. Also, Alan is in the studio working on his 1970 solo album reissue "Alone In Tokyo" (Redux), set for release early next year. All with unique, never before heard remixes with bonus tracks.

11/4/07 - Alan Merrill will do some rare solo acoustic shows in the New York City area this month in downtown Manhattan. Also, Alan has been added to the Living Legends of Music website. Superstar actress/singer Lee Da Hae has recorded a new version of Alan's composition "I love rock n roll" in Korean!

10/4/07 - Local acoustic and band backed shows in the New York City area this month, and an hour long appearance on the Atlantic Tunnel radio show October 6th. The long awaited maxi-single titled "Rive Gauche," a tribute to the hits of The Left Banke is out this month, with bonus tracks. See the Alan Merrill "Walk Away Renee" video here ! A tour of Europe is being planned for February and March of 2008. Watch the tour dates section of this website for details.

9/14/07 - Alan Merrill's 6 song maxi single, a tribute to the hits of the band The Left Banke (and more), will be done at the end of September 2007. Also, Alan is doing some some solo acoustic and band backed shows around the New York City area this month.

8/05/07 -Recent remastering of the 1970 Solo Alan Merrill LP "Alone In Tokyo" (all in Japanese) which will be re-released for the first time in the US, UK and Europe, with bonus tracks early in 2008. Also, Alan has a short story of his playing with the band Meat Loaf in the Ian Carroll authored documentary book about the History of the Reading Festival in the UK which will be released at the end of this month. Please note: Fuji TV will repeat the 90 minute global broadcast of the "Sekaii Gumi" show featuring Monsieur Kamayatsu and Alan Merrill on Aug.16th.

7/02/07 - The new Alan Merrill solo extended play summer singlerelease is out now! To buy it please click this link- Alan Merrill Summer Single 2007 - and don't miss the new youtube video of Alan as Vampire Slayer! Also, Alan is playing out live at various venues in New York City this month. Watch the Tour Dates section of this site for information. Don't forget to watch Alan on the "Sekai Gumi" show July 18th, worldwide broadcast one hour special and, July 30th repeated, 90 minute long version.

6/15/07 - Alan's solo single release is delayed for a week or two due to some minor adjustments required inthe art work, and should be available and on sale the first week of July '07.

5/03/07 - Alan is planning to rush release a solo 5 song extended play summer single next month. It is being mastered in New York City. He is also filming a documentary special for Fuji TV Japan with Vodka Collins bandmate and former Spiders member Monsieur Kamayatsu in New York City. This show debuts on air July 18th on Fuji TV's "Sekai Gumi." show. Also ,if that's not enough for you, there's a new Alan Merrill and Adriana Lima video on youtube!

4/02/07 The Ron Wood Tribute album is out now! Click on the link above to get all the information about this fantastic project, and also the late Nikki Sudden's related great EP single "Don't Get Jazzy With Me."

3/07/07 - The long awaited Ron Wood tribute album featuring Alan Merrill and various other artists is to be released the last week of March '07. Also, if you haven't already, go have a look at the Adriana Lima video featuring the gorgeous model and Alan Merrill's solo version of "I love rock n roll." It's outstanding.

2/07/07 - Alan is busy writing away, finishing his autobiography and is determined to have it released by the end of 2008.

1/7/07- Tour of Japan for end of February '07 is confirmed. New photos added to the current photo album on this site.

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