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12/04/09 - The new Alan Merrill album will now be released sometime in January due to revisions in the album sleeve art work, and it will now be available early in the new year. This month Alan will do local New York band backed and solo acoutic shows, as always. In mid January a mini tour is in the works for Japan. Watch this space for more information. A new slideshow of Alan Merrill's composition "When The Night Comes" as performed by the legendary vocalist Lou Rawls is now on youtube. Alan will once again co-host the "Rew and Who" radio show on December 16th.

11/07/09 - Alan is still working on his new album, and is nearly finished with the project. It should be released before Christmas. A number of new video clips of Miley Cyrus doing her own version of Alan Merrill's Arrows classic composition "I Love Rock 'N Roll" on her current "Wonderworld" tour has been posted on youtube. Also, as usual, this month several solo acoustic and band backed shows in the New York City area round out the month. A cip of Alan Merrill performing at BB King's in NYC with Jon Paris, Steve Holley and Amy Madden is newly posted to youtube. On a sad note, Alan Merrill's friend and fellow performer Kazuhiko Kato has passed away. Mr. Kato was the founding member of the Sadistic Mika Band and also contributed to Vodka Collins' "Tokyo - New York" (EMI) album, singing harmony with Alan. RIP Kazuhiko Kato.

10/02/09 - The long thought to be lost clip of Alan Merrill singing lead with Meat Loaf in Vienna 1988 on the "Lost Boys and Golden Girls" tour has been found. It feaures a song titled "Let The Revels Begin/Original Sin" with the Neverland Express/Meat Loaf touring band in fine form. Also, as usual, this month several shows (both solo acoustic and band backed) feature Alan around the New York City area. Alan Merrill is featured in a sweet and loving light in singer-actress Mackenzie Phillips' new autobiographical best selling book "High On Arrival." The pair dated for the entire summer of 1976, while Alan was hosting The Arrows Show and Phillips was on hiatus from her TV series "One Day At A Time." Last but not least, just up, Rew Starr and Alan Merrill interview the mercurial Brett Smiley, seventies glam rock legend. New youtube clips of the interview are here- part one, part two, part three. More to come!

9/03/09 - There is a lot of activity this month, with several shows (both solo acoustic and band backed) around the New York City area. Also, there will be two Alan Merrill photo shoots this month, one on Sept 4th for Conde Naste/ Vogue and another on Sept 13th for Getty Images. Just for fun Alan will co-host the "Rew and Who" radio show, with Alan and Rew Starr interviewing guests on Sept 9th & 30th. Alan has done an intensive interview in Songfacts magazine this month. On Sept 14th Alan Merrill will perform at the New York Songwriter's Circle at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village. Also he's putting the finishing touches on a new album. There you have it! A busy month.

8/01/09 - The video archives have opened up with new surprises this month, with shows thought to be lost, suddenly found. The Alan Merrill "Live In Japan" tour of 1990 has been recovered, and the show at Tokyo's club Ink Stick available for viewing. Also Alan's solo Cutting Room show in New York City to promote his 2005 album Aleecat has surfaced with almost the entire show caught on a fan's video camera. Also some fun video clips from Japanese television have been recovered, including the Radio Gomen TV show , This was from the first (unofficial) Vodka Collins reunion tour in 1990. Current news: Alan is doing local New York City shows, both solo acoustic and band backed. He's recording some new tracks, and is still working on writing his (now over 350 pages long) autobiography.

7/8/09 - Alan Merrill's New York City solo acoustic shows this month are at Kenny's Castaways on July 11th, and Otto's Shrunken Head on July 20th. Alan is also working on his autobiography, and is in pre-production for a new album, writing songs for that project. Recording will start this month. From the archives, the Vodka Collins hit single Sands Of Time. This Alan Merrill composition features him on guitar and lead vocals (in Japanese) and is now viewable as a thoughtfully put together slideshow with photos from the glam rock era 1972-73. A fun slideshow is also up for viewing featuring photos with music of The Arrows "I Love Rock N Roll" from 1975. Last but far from least, Alan Merrill is oft quoted (and there's a terrific photo of him) in the new rock book "London's Burning"/ author D.Thompson, out now and published by the Chicago Review Press. Get it now! It's agreat read.

6/7/09 - Hold on to your hats! The Arrows long lost clip of one of their Top Of The Pops appearances from 1975 has been located. Featuring Alan Merrill on lead vocals, this UK & European top 30 hit was produced by legend Mickie Most . The version is a unique performance and an often requested video. Enjoy The Arrows- "My Last Night With You"- At last! Alan will be doing two live radio broadcasts this month,"Rewbeesworld", and "The O Show" hosted by Olivia Maxwell , WSHC 89.7 Radio, West Virginia . See Tourdates and Appearances section on this site for dates. As always, some solo acoutstic and band backed shows round out the month in the New York City area.

5/14/09 - Alan is doing a songwriter's seminar in Manhattan NYC on May 26th, locale ever changing, this time the venue is upstairs at Ciaobella, The New York Songwriter's Circle, 7 PM until 10. ~ The usual band backed and solo acoustic shows round out the month. Also a TV pilot is in the works, a reality show starring Alan Merrill and other rock 'n rollers who have had chart success.~ A slideshow of Alan Merrill singing The Faces classic "Ooh La La" is on youtube, from the Kurious Kurt and the ZugZug Club album, a tribute to the works of Ronnie Wood. Also Arrows clips of "First Hit" and "Feelin' This Way" are new up on youtube!

4/17/09 - Alan Merrill is starting an acoustic unplugged style album, to include new original compositions. Plus, in the works is a "Best Of Alan Merrill" collection, with remastered popular tracks recorded across the years. ~ A great machinima video single by Pewmanfustudios of songs "Please Let Me Love You" and "Ferris Wheel" from the 1971 retro reissue "Merrill1" is live and up on the internet right now. ~ Moving on a few decades, there's the slideshow of Alan's Japan tour 1990 and the song "Out On The Line" which is on the album "The Aleecat, Live In Japan." This rap - rock 'n roll song is only available as a live track. ~ Also, an excellent slideshow of an Arrows 1974 out-take of "Walk Away Renee" was put together by Teruo Suzuki from Japan. Click on the underlined above links to view.

3/14/09 -Plans are being made for a short visit to Japan for the Hiroshi Oguchi memorial concerts in June. A week of shows in Tokyo at the Amrta and Crocodile clubs. Also being discussed for the summer is an all-star tour of the UK and Europe, venues and dates to be announced. Watch this space. Alan was busy last week in the studio recording with Japanese vocal star Zooco, and he'll be on her new recording with Neil and Alan Evans from Soulive, keyboard wizard Tommy Mandel, and Ian McDonald, ex of Foreigner and King Crimson.

2/14/09 -The 33 1/3rd Anniversary of the song "I Love Rock N Roll" will be the theme of Alan Merrill's big birthday party and musical jam session this year, to be held in NYC at The Studio in Webster Hall, the birthplace of sterophonic sound. Alan will perform, as well as many special stellar guests. Also this month on youtube, bi-lingual versions of the 1972 Alan Merrill hit song "Sands Of Time" is available for your listening pleasure in Japanese and also in English.

1/25/09 -Important news: So sad to inform you all that Hiroshi Oguchi of Vodka Collins has passed away of cancer at age 58. He has worked together on projects with Alan Merrill (including the popular band Vodka Collins) since 1971. Hiroshi Oguchi, R.I.P.

1/05/09 - Today, Januuray 12th, is the debut of the new machinima video of the"Trisha Uptown" song, created by Pewmanfustudios. Alan Merrill has taken on a new agency in New York City for U.S.tour dates and also a new agent in Japan for his shows there. A solo album of all original material is in the works, with recording to start soon in Manhattan. No shows this month, all cancelled, Alan's down with the flu.

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