The Arrows first weekly TV series on the Granada ITV network. The show went to all the ITV territories, including England, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Australia.
The Arrows second season of their weekly TV series on Granada ITV . Terry Taylor joins the band in late 1976, making the Arrows a four member band.
Alan Merrill elected ito the Board Of Governors of NARAS, the Grammy organization, in 1983. Billboard Magazine.
A typical Arrows TV show format, and their weekly series.
The "Holiday Heroes" Christmas album for the "feed the children" fund. Mid 1990's. Alan Merrill and an allstar cast.
The Arrows second weekly TV series reviewed.
1975 Arrows "I Love Rock N Roll" review in The Melody Maker.
1989, filming of the Encyclopedia Brown movie, which was shown over 200 times on HBO in 1990-92.
Arrows fans express their frustration with the lack of air play for their 1975 version of "I love rock n roll"
1974 Steve Marriott review of the Arrows single "Toughen Up". Steve was a great talent. We miss him!
1985 Daily News Hugh Wyatt review of Alan Merill's US solo debut album.
1997 review of the Jon Tiven group album "Yes I Ram" featuring the lead vocals of Alan Merrill.
The Arrows last ever single in early 1976, "Once Upon A Time"-
1976 review of The Arrows "First Hit" in The New Musical Express was highly complimentary about Merrill's vocals.
1975- The Arrows original version of "I love rock n roll" gets a thumbs up review.
1978- The Island Records "Runner" album is favorably reviewed in Billboard
1975- The Arrows single "Hard Hearted" gets the thumbs up along with Alan Merrill's vocals on the track.
1978- The Runner single gets a nice review. Alan co-wrote this with Steve Gould.
1990- People Magazine review of Encycopedia Brown, the film on HBO. Alan Merrill is singled out as one of the best actors in the movie.
2000- Jukebox magazine. France, review of the Arrows reissue of "First Hit".
2001- Review in the allmusic guide of "A Merrilly Christmas"
2002- Review in the allmusic guide of "Blue Guru".
2001- Review in Spanish of Britney Spears "I Love Rock and Roll"
2001- Reviews in Spanish of Joan Jett, and The Arrows.
2000 - Review of Vodka Collins "Tokyo New York" album in Strange Days Magazine written in Japanese.
1985 - Review of Alan Merrill solo album on Polydor records.
2002 - All Music Guide review of "Cupid Deranged".
2002 - All Music Guide review of Vodka Collins "Tokyo NY" reissue.
2002 - May issue "Strange Days" Magazine, Japan, Cupid Deranged review.
2003 - All Music Guide review of "Double Shot Rocks".
1975- The "Merrill the Peril" article with Alan on the page with legends Mick Jagger and Cliff Richard.
1972 cover story interview in the Tokyo Weekender.
1975 Sounds interview with Phil Sutcliff. Arrows express their unhappiness with their record company RAK for mot releasing more product.
1985 interview in Night Life magazine with journalist Ann Leighton intereviewing Alan Merrill's about his solo LP.
2002- Rockrgrl magazine, April of 2002 issue
1971 - Allan Merrill "Merrill 1" LP (Columbia/Denon-Mushroom)
Brad Quinn's Alan Merrill interview, KTO magazine Jan. 2009, Page 1
Brad Quinn's Alan Merrill interview, KTO magazine Jan. 2009, Page 2

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